Committed to Galicia

Supervisión y Control at all times ensures that vehicle technical inspections are carried out with complete impartiality, independence and confidentiality. We work for the safety and protection of the environment.

We are holders of the Xunta de Galicia‘s concession and responsible for PTI in the Autonomous Region of Galicia.

  • Mission, vision


    Ensuring the safety of all road traffic users through vehicle technical inspection, making sure that all vehicles meet the legislation in force in terms of technical requirements.


    We ensure at all times the impartiality, independence and confidentiality of all the inspections we carry out. For us, the vehicle technical inspection is a way of making people’s safety the most important thing in a vehicle.

  • Our values

    Our values and principles are the basis of our work, which we carry out with the utmost responsibility, rigour and motivation.


    We identify ourselves with Galicia, with the work favouring our region’s progress and also contributing with our experience and professional, technical and technological development.


    We are a large team and we perform our duties supporting each other, respecting the diversity of conditions, opinions and capabilities.


    We work in the permanent development of innovative tools and solutions to anticipate changes and our customers’ needs.


    We want to excel day after day, learn and move forward. This is why we think positively and propose ideas to improve our work and help to offer the best service to customers.


    We work with the utmost rigour to ensure our customers’ peace of mind, the best safety conditions for vehicles and a proper environmental control.


    We count on collaboration and solidarity action as a mark of identity and a way of giving back to society part of that we receive from it.

  • Social commitment

    ‘Give back to society part of that we receive from it’ is one of the mottos of our activity at Supervisión y Control. In addition to our contribution to road safety and the protection of the environment, we have taken a step forward in our support for social commitment.


    As a team, we work in the commitment field from various angles. Because working together is easier, we direct projects which allow us to develop and grow beyond our job.

    Externally, we have launched various charity projects, both individually and in collaboration with different NGOs and other cooperation organisations in our region.

    Social and occupational integration

    One of our most important actions is the social and occupational integration of people with functional diversity through the SonCapaces project. We are pioneers in this field and considered an example which has enriched us as people and as a human team. We already have 20 colleagues with intellectual disability working in the position of administrative assistant, which is exclusively covered by people with this functional diversity.

    Continuous evolution

    In addition to the social and occupational integration of functional diversity, we carry out different projects and actions based on commitment in fields like education, vocational training, social and health assistance or cultural identity. All of them with a clear and common vision: to benefit people and our region, Galicia.

  • Quality and technology

    Since our creation, we have been committed to innovation, and an example of this is the various types of collaboration in R&D studies and projects in road safety and environmental protection matters with official entities, universities, research centres and other bodies.

    SYC Applus+ is accredited as Inspection body by ENAC and we have our own Environment and Quality Management System certified by AENOR.